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I'm turning 42 on July 11! So I plan to throw a party at Westercon in San Jose this year, Saturday night or Sunday night. So, this will be my birthday party and an ISBN event with a Hitchhiker's Guide theme.

Also, I will be running the anime room at Westercon. I haven't started working on either really, beyond the room reservation.
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sf fan / anime fan video?

Walking to lunch today, I thought about the silly Mac vs. PC commercials and how the two are different but can get along. One person plays mac, and the other plays PC, and they talk to each other in amusing ways. Like one time, PC has a virus, and Mac feels bad for him.

Anyway, the idea of a similar video with a science fiction fan and an anime fan sounds like fun. What do you think?
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恭喜發財,紅包拿來 (Happy New Year! Now give me a red envelope.)

Chúc mừng năm mới! Come celebrate Chinese New Year's Eve / Giao Thừa with us at the Holiday Inn on 1740 North First Street on New Year's Eve, February 17, 2007! Out with the dog, in with the pig! Does that make it a dead dog party?

The room will be posted on my LJ once I check in, or you can call me at 408-515-4381 to get the number. Please do not contact the hotel asking which room the party is in. :)

If you wish to bring any alcohol, please ask in advance. Generally this party is pretty dry, and fun that way.

Expect the usual movies, anime, games, vegan chocolate, Chinese goodies, and merriment. I've requested a first-floor room, so we should be able to play some Dance Dance Revolution without upsetting the neighbors too much.

Besides, this year we're in the overflow hotel for... Pantheacon! So we should have some interesting neighbors.

Please RSVP, and feel free to bring a friend. Also, let me know if you'd like crash space.

Crossposted friends-only to my LJ.
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Free rides

I'm offering free rides between Baycon and Fanime and nearby origins and destinations in my anime-painted car, between 8am and midnight, or by appointment, during the weekend. I have cleaned out/cleaned up my car for the occasion.

I already have a few rides on my schedule.
Cross-posted to baycon.

Edit: fixed email address on the site.
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The Baycon and Fanime Events both went well. There were some problems with Fanime Pubs, but they were resolved. The Scavenger hunt went so well at Baycon we repeated it at fanime. That was lots of fun. We intrigued a few people, so hopefully we'll see that around here :}


June 11th - Pirate's BBQ
If you don't have the information, ask me in IM's :}

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Ideas for the Baycon party

I'm tossing around Ideas in my head.

So far for sure we'll have:

One corner set aside for viewing (probably a scifi anime theme)
A table with asian snackies
Cute ribbons

Things I'd like:
Designated people handing out the cute ribbons and laminating memberships (note to self- ask laminating obsessed weasels for help, and remember to tell MommaMo I need my laminatior friday night)
To actually have a logo. :P
A theme figured out. And decorations.
A contest.

For theme, I was thinking maybe a pirate theme might be fun? Or perhaps just a book theme.
I'm sure we could figure out a pirate theme deco, gold coins and all that. For books I have the idea of just putting up posters of enlarges ISBN numbers of manga and scifi books.

I was thinking for a contest, If we do the book theme, we could have the first person to tell us the books for all the ISBN numbers on the wall gets a $25 IBS or borders gift certificate? For a pirate theme, perhaps a scavenger hunt and the prize be 20 gold dubloons (gold dollar coins)

Anyone want to second ideas, go give new ones?
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ISBN will be sponsoring the Sunday Night dance at Fanime this year!

There are two important things That you all should know.

1. We need help with manning our table within the dance. the dance is from 7pm untill 5am. Anyone willing to sign up for a shift?

2. ISBN members get HALF OFF a sunday only badge. If you would like to take advantage of this, We need your real name by May 15th.

Also, We will be hosting a Friday night Party at Baycon, and would like help for setup and sat morning teardown.
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Disposable camera fun at cons!

Here is a fun way to possibly get a lot of nifty pictures at a con:

Buy a few disposable cameras. Write on them something like this:

"Take a few pictures and pass it on. Return to room ___ when full. PG-13 please!"

If and when you get them back, go develop them at a 1-hour photo place. Maybe get double-prints plus prints on CDs. Try to find people in the pictures and hand them photos of themselves! Upload the pics off the CD to a gallery and link in the con's forum or mailing list! Stamp a URL on the backs of the pictures if you like.

At Anime Oasis, I spread them out on a table. Some people came by and got theirs or their friends'... others walked by, and I recognized them and chased them down to give them pictures.

Some examples:

Anime Los Angeles 2005:

Anime Oasis 2005:
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